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Raimondo Law Firm Specialize In Personal Injury And Negligence Laws

The Raimondo Law Firm handles every kind of personal injury case including wrongful deaths, catastrophic injuries, accidents, medical malpractice, construction accidents, defective products, dog bites, premises liabilities, and more. David J. Raimondo along with an associate attorney Jon L. Raimondo takes the client’s obligations seriously. They put in their three decades of experience along with full resources to fight the insurance companies for the rightful recommendation against the damages. 

The personal injury lawyers Long Island represent clients injured or who had their loved ones killed because of negligence. Clients from Suffolk, Nassau, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and other upstate counties in New York can reach out to them on their emergency service line, which is open 24 hrs. 

The negligence cases have to prove legal duty, duty breach, causation, and harm/damages in the court. Medical malpractice is complex to prove in court. Causation proving is the hardest part in medical malpractice cases but the legal team from Raimondo Law Firm has successfully proved medical malpractice cases including hospital negligence causing birth injury and chemical skin burns because of IV extravasation causing considerable deforming & scarring. 

Plaintiffs and the Raimondo legal team experience work injury claim challenges like an un-witnessed injury at the workplace, accident claim is erratic with medical staff statements, getting laid off before filing a claim, communication issues, and lack to produce persuasive evidence. However, the legal team never gives up but is motivated to build a strong case to recover fair compensation for the lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. 

The personal injury lawyers Long Island have secured jury verdicts and negotiated settlements for their clients in millions. David specializes in personal injury laws and is prepared to take the insurance companies head-on for full recommendation associated with lost income, medical bills, and permanent or severe injuries. Even if a fault is clear, an expert in multiple fields is hired to obtain justice. The firm bears the cost and those expenses are recovered only after the client wins the compensation. 

Construction sites are risky. There are various ways the workers at the site may get hurt. It includes falls from high places, tools or debris falling, burns or explosions, machinery accidents, tripping or slipping, ground or trench collapses, and more. 

The personal injury lawyers Long Island represent construction site cases efficiently. They have great experience in litigating and negotiating worksite injuries. They have to fight hard with the health care and insurance companies for attaining fair compensation. They know what kind of questions to ask and how to present the case for effective results. 

The skilled legal team from Raimondo Law Firm increases the client’s chances of recovering big compensation from the insurance provider, whose aim is to compensate as little as possible. The client gets compensation for lost income, medical, disability, rehabilitation, and even funeral expenses covered in case of wrongful death. The advocates efficiently prove reckless behavior or negligence that caused the accident. 

The Raimondo Law Firm values compassion, transparency, and justice. They strive to exemplify these in their legal practice. 

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