Running has exploded in popularity in recent years. Many marathons for the cause may be one reason this physical exercise captured others who had never been interested in sports. Then you should certainly incorporate runner’s knee workouts in your training programme.

Despite being one of the most pleasurable, successful, and cost-efficient sports, running has a downside: runner’s knee. The patellofemoral pain syndrome causes knee discomfort. The pain might be slight or severe.

This applies to all athletes who put major load on their knees, not just runners. Pain might be caused by physical injury, overuse, flat feet, or patella displacement.

Pain is often caused by weak muscles around and supporting the knees. So, add these exercises for aching knees from jogging to your weekly routine.

It’s one of the greatest runner’s knee workouts. It takes no equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Begin on one foot. Keep your weight on your active foot’s heel while crouching on the free leg. The active knee should not pull inwards, and the active patella should be aligned with your toes. Keep the pelvis parallel to the floor to avoid hip sinkage on the free leg side.

Use a table top or a wall for support, holding it against your free leg.

Your gluteus medius (hip muscles) might be a major factor to your discomfort. When you lie on your side, bend both knees and gently elevate the upper knee without separating the feet. Keep your abs firm and your core active. Then gently bring the knee back.

Repeat 15-25 times on each side. Better results with a resistance band around your knees.

Runners and other sportsmen need glute strengthening workouts.

Lie on your back, abs pressed to the floor. Knees hip wide, feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips to make a straight line from knees to chest.

Pull the knees apart for two seconds to further engage the hips. This workout is much better with a resistance band around your knees. Rep 10 times.

Leg Swings
Holding against the right side wall, stand erect. Begin with alternating forward and backward swings of your left leg, then add side swings. Rep with your right leg. Maintenez votre torse et vos jam

This exercise improves hip mobility and flexibility, reducing runner’s knee problems. To improve hip strength, place a small dumbbell behind the knee of the active leg. But stretch afterwards.