Cardio is any sort of activity that boosts heartbeat, therefore improving tick-tock health. These exercises not only help you lose weight, but they also strengthen your pumper and blood arteries, increasing oxygen flow and lowering blood pressure.

Our ticker, like every other muscle, needs regular exercise to be strong. A healthier heart implies less chance of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Cardiovascular exercise is difficult to define. Generally, it is a personal choice. As long as you keep up with it and don’t overdo it, any aerobic activity will do you good.

It’s easier to identify the most popular cardio routines and how they help our hearts.

Tick-tock – 7 popular exercises

It’s a classic all-around exercise that many people like. Because many of us consider it a nice weekend pastime rather than a strenuous physical workout. Swimming works multiple muscle groups, improves lung function, and the cardiovascular system without much effort. So we increase endurance, muscular strength, and keep a healthy weight. So swimming is a must.

Of course, running comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘cardio’ — it’s familiar and understandable. And it’s a terrific way to keep fit and energised. Interval exercise may help you improve your cardiovascular endurance. Short hard bursts of 10 seconds followed by lengthier rest periods assist increase fitness and maintain your tick-tock healthy. If you are out of shape or not a runner, avoid interval training.

The elliptical is perhaps the most popular cardio equipment. Despite the fact that some exercise enthusiasts may find it tedious and useless. But this is far from the reality. This exercise gadget has a lot more advantages than a treadmill. Its intensity makes up for its lack of speed, making it a stronger pumper.

That’s correct. It’s not required to do high-intensity activities to improve your ticker’s health. Yoga may seem like an odd and subtle option for heart health, but it is. It is a great way to increase muscular strength and stamina. Still not sold? Then I suggest you try Ashtanga or Bikram yoga to keep your heart rate raised throughout the exercise.


Cycling, like swimming, is a popular pastime. Unless you’re preparing for the Tour de France, riding is a fun activity. Cycling not only works huge leg muscle groups but also raises your heart rate. According to the British Medical Association, regular cycling helps prevent heart disease. It’s a fun exercise that you can perform in the gym, park, or even on a bike ride with your kids!