Sunday is the day for lounging on the couch, watching TV, and maybe cleaning your flat. Monday… This day is generally despised (even by a cartoonish cat with no employment!). The week is long and you must move! It’s crucial to establish the tone for the week. A Monday exercise programme is a terrific idea… If you have time.

You’ll move… Force yourself out of bed! If you succeed, you’ll be motivated to take on the rest of the week’s tasks.
To stay motivated, follow these easy steps:

Set a goal. How about three workouts this week? Start on Monday, and you’ll be more inspired to keep going.
Play some upbeat music. Prepare the music on Sunday. So you don’t waste time on Youtube on Monday morning.
Find a partner. Every motivation coach suggests it. You wouldn’t want to let your pal down on a Monday!
Imagine the new energy exercise will provide. Envision yourself as a Greek deity. Imagine the photos you’ll post on Instagram.
Ready? Start your Monday motivating exercise goals and get moving!

Home full-body regimen
You have your music and your ambitions, but where do you begin? On the first day of the week, keep it basic and train your complete body.

For beginners, here’s a simple idea you can tweak later.

It works your quads well. Make sure you complete them properly and choose a time (or amount of squats) that challenges you.
This activity raises your heart rate. This exercise, like jumping jacks, will tone your arms and legs.
This move will help strengthen your core. Windmill is a fantastic workout for all fitness levels since it can be modified by adding a weight. Even without one, it’s a terrific method to strengthen your back and hamstrings.
Arm arcs
Arm circles are a great way to relax while toning your arms. Arm circles are one of the simplest workouts available, requiring little focus and may be done while watching TV.
Placement of high knees
Raise your knees! Running in place while raising your knees high enhances your speed, power, and endurance while increasing your heart rate.