Even your favourite pastimes may become monotonous. Of course, your workout is no exception. Most workouts include repeated motions and activities – raising and lowering weights, jogging on the treadmill, squatting… It’s funny how anything becomes boring after a while. But what to do when most exercises have been explored to the point of boredom?

Well, stopping your workout practise is not the answer. Our focus in this essay is on combining fitness and martial arts – cardio kickboxing routines.

Obviously, pure martial arts will not meet everyone’s aims and demands. A combination like cardio kickboxing has several advantages – it keeps your body active and improves your health, while adding a fresh twist to your normal workout.

Is cardio kickboxing right for you? Why is this a yes?

A full-body workout
If you want a challenging full-body exercise, this is it. During the exercise, your body will be in motion due to the variety of activities. Your heart rate will be raised while your muscles are worked.

Cardio kickboxing works your core and tiny muscular groups. It incorporates a variety of punching, squatting, kicking, and moving your balance from side to side, giving you a full-body exercise. Punching and squatting work your hips and biceps, while shifting your weight works your abs. This programme has it all: muscle building, core work, and weight loss. Expect to perspire!

It’s as simple as that: you can utilise kickboxing for cardio! It raises your heart rate, allowing more blood to circulate through your body. Good heart health lowers blood pressure, decreases the chance of stroke and heart disease, and makes you feel better after a few stair climbs.

While aerobic training might be tough, go at your own pace. Consult your doctor before beginning a new hard exercise plan.

Stress is out!
Some days are hard. Sometimes you simply want to punch… Do you know someplace you might let off steam?

True, cardio kickboxing is a great way to deal with your emotions and get rid of tension. Your muscles will operate better as you practise punching and moving, and you will feel more in control of your body and surroundings. Physical exercise is an excellent technique to relieve tension, anger, and other negative emotions. Don’t let it fester within you — let it out in a healthy manner.