You are not alone if you believe your life has been transported to another dimension. Everything we thought was normal, even commonplace, is being affected by social alienation, even the way we exercise. Perhaps you’re accustomed to heading to the gym after work, going for a run, or taking a regular stroll in the park as a method to unwind and relax.

You may not be able to go to the gym now that you must comply with the shelter-in-place order, but you can surely bring part of it home and continue your healthy habits. And it’s preferable if you do. Especially if you’re suddenly working from home, sitting in front of your laptop for hours on end, or are constantly stressed out about your current reality. Exercise, when combined with relaxation methods, may help you manage with stress, stay calm, and protect your health against catastrophic diseases. So, make a point of taking a vacation from it all.

Some of you may be having difficulty getting into the correct mentality to work out right now. That’s why we recommend keeping it simple – and training your whole body at once with some basic yet efficient workouts.

A simple whole-body workout that you may practise at home

The technique below is incredibly simple and can be completed in minutes anywhere. It’s a set of eight workouts that just utilise your bodyweight, therefore no equipment is required.

You may do them sequentially, with a little gap in between, or independently.

Be aware that this workout may result in a sudden rush of energy. If this occurs, do not stop there; instead, repeat the whole set one more time.

Running in Place with High Knees
The high knees workout combines running in place and exaggerated knee raises. It may be performed as a warm-up exercise to get your body ready for more difficult motions and to increase your general fitness. Essentially, completing this workout raises your heart rate and improves your power and endurance.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Turn your face forward and open your chest.
Begin sprinting on the spot, keeping your knees as high as possible.
As if you were running normally, your arms should follow the action.
Raise your left arm and right knee together, and vice versa.
Breathe as deeply and naturally as you possibly can.

Cat-Cow Stretching

It imitates the motions of a cat and a cow, as the name implies. This friendly stance has its roots in yoga, where it is utilised to create a deep stretch for the thoracic muscles as well as flexibility to the spine. It is the combination of the two stances that flow into each other softly. Stress and anxiety may be reduced by coordinating breathing with postural movement.


Get down on all fours.

Inhale deeply as you arch your back and keep it there for a few moments.
Exhale as you draw your belly button in and circle your spine, allowing your head to descend.
For a few seconds, hold the posture.

Jacks with Crosses

This popular workout is similar to the equally well-known jumping jacks, although it’s a little more refined (less of the arm-flailing situation). This exercise was created to tone your arms and legs while also increasing your heart rate.


Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the floor.
Stretch your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, palms down.
Jump and cross your feet and arms in front of you, one over the other.
Repeat on the other side.