The commitments that a parent must make to their child receiving occupational therapy are well-known. This can make it difficult to get your child adjusted to a new environment.

Gen Physio offers mobile occupational therapy, which is a fast and convenient solution. You can have therapist travel to your home or school and work with the child. This may be your home, your children’s school, or any childcare facility.

Mobile pediatric occupational treatment offers several distinct advantages:

A Natural Environment

The therapist can tailor treatment to your child based on what is available, including the environment at home and school. You may not have all the tools and games at the clinic. However, mobile therapy means that the specialist can make use of the things you do have. This may appeal to your child more. By using certain areas in your home or school for therapy, you can help your child to associate learning and therapy with them. This may make it easier to do the therapy “homework”.

Your Child Gets More Comfort

Your child will likely feel more relaxed and secure working in a familiar setting. When a child visits a clinic, they will need to adapt to a new clinic environment, new therapy, and a new routine. A child is more likely to accept a newcomer than a familiar environment (i.e. The child will feel more comfortable with the therapist in their own home or school setting. Thus, the bond between the child and the therapy is stronger and faster. Therapy will be more effective and meaningful if the child is more at ease. Your child might be more comfortable sharing their home with an Occupational Therapist.


It can be hard for children to get to therapy by car. Stress and anxiety can hinder therapy. There are always costs, including the time that you don’t have and fuel. With mobile therapy, your therapist can come to you. This allows you to save time travelling to and from the clinic, reduce fuel consumption, and possibly lessen the effort of getting your child in the car.

Gen Physio Will Be There For You, Your Child And All Of Your Needs.

Gen Physio is dedicated to occupational therapy that engages, is practical, fun, and collaborative. We take the time to get to know you so that therapy can be tailored to your needs. Your child’s happiness and success are paramount to us.

All of our occupational therapists are registered with AHPRA and are members of the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. They receive ongoing professional training to ensure that they have the latest knowledge and resources.

If mobile pediatric occupational therapy sounds appealing, we’d love you to contact us! Our contact page allows you to contact us by phone, email, or using an online form. We look forward to meeting with you and helping your child succeed and grow.