Your dentist can whiten your teeth using one of the many Zoom procedures. There are many options available, from home treatments to in-office procedures. Your dentist will oversee your Zoom treatment, giving you added assurance that it is safe.

We will discuss how Zoom teeth whitening works, and how long it lasts.

Zoom teeth whitening: How does it work

There are many types of Zoom whitening treatments. You can have some done at your dentist’s office, while others can be done at home after consulting with a dentist.

All these procedures require hydrogen peroxide to whiten the skin. The LED light is a quick and effective way to brighten your smile.

The Zoom treatment can brighten your smile after a 45-minute procedure at your dentist. This treatment includes both a whitening gel and an LED lamp.

You have two options when it comes to whitening your teeth at home. The first is to use trays containing whitening gel. Another option is to whiten your teeth within 2 weeks.

Before you have any dental work done, it is essential to make sure your teeth are clean. Be careful what you eat. Your dentist may ask you to limit how much food and drink you consume right away after the procedure.

Zoom teeth-whitening in-office

Before you begin the whitening process, your dentist may recommend professional cleaning. Then, your dentist will:

Use a whitening gel on your teeth

Turn on the Zoom LED lamp and point it at your smile.

Continue the process two more times

Use an enamel-protecting Gel

At-home whitening services will be provided by your dentist. Instructions for maintaining your teeth after the procedure will also be given. These supplies and materials are included in the cost of the Zoom procedure.

Apply a whitening agent after your regular cleaning

You can seal your teeth with a sealant.

Aftercare instructions will be provided

You can then leave the dentist’s office after the procedure. You will need to wash off any whitening agent after about 30 minutes.

Zoom at-home teeth whitening treatment

There are two types of Zoom home treatment options. Your dentist will advise you on which option is best and send you home with all the necessary supplies.

Your dentist may recommend these whitening methods to brighten your smile after a Zoom treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening is painful?

Zoom whitening products shouldn’t cause discomfort. Although you might need to adjust to the sensation of the trays inside your mouth, it shouldn’t hurt.

Zoom treatments are not known to make your teeth more sensitive. Zoom treatment participants experienced tooth sensitivity in 1.8 percent of cases.

How to talk with a dentist about Zoom teeth whitening

Age, certain foods, and medications can cause discoloration in your teeth. Other factors include smoking, alcohol intake, and aging. Zoom whitening can brighten your smile.

Your dentist will inspect your teeth before you have any kind of whitening treatment. Your medical history and allergies will be discussed with your dentist. Your dentist will discuss the effects of fixed or artificial teeth treatment.

Teeth whitening is more appropriate for children than it is for adults.