For addicts and their loved ones, the thought of drug rehabilitation can be daunting. Many addicts feel that they aren’t able to get treatment for their addiction so they delay it. Many people fear the stigma associated with the word “rehab” as well as what other people will think.

While there are many reasons to go into rehab, everyone has their own unique path. These are some of today’s most popular reasons to seek help for addiction.

1. Drinking And Drug Use Is No Longer A Choice

Many people turn to drugs or alcohol for pleasure or “feel good.” They decide to use. However, as they age, the choice to use becomes more important and becomes a necessity. To feel “ok”, they must use drugs or alcohol. This is because drugs have a negative effect on the brain.

Chemicals that alter brain function include drugs and alcohol. They affect a person’s ability to control impulses and make decisions. The more a person uses drugs, the worse their brain becomes. The brain becomes dependent on drugs to function.

2. They Are Vulnerable To The Long-Term Risks Of Drug Use

Addicts, alcoholics, and others are constantly at the edge of danger. They could overdose, make a dangerous decision or be in danger at any moment. Aside from the obvious dangers associated with substance abuse, they can also be vulnerable to long-term devastating effects.

  • Addiction
  • Loss in job, home, or relationships
  • Reversible health problems
  • Co-occurring mental disorders
  • Brain damage or loss
  • Deaths due to overdose or accidents

3. They Have A Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder

60 percent of teens in drug treatment today have co-occurring mental illnesses. Half to seventy-five percent of adults who have a substance abuse disorder also have a mental disorder.

National data shows that people who have a diagnosed mental illness are twice likely to get addicted to drugs. If someone with anxiety or depression starts using drugs, it is important to get help. A rehab facility with experience in co-occurring disorders is important for anyone who develops depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms.

4. Their Family And Friends Have Been Affected

Substance addiction can be devastating for the addict as well as those who care for them. Spouses, siblings, parents, friends, children. Addicts are known to manipulate, lie to and deceive those they love the most. This is something you probably already know if you are the loved one of an addict.

5. They Are In Trouble

Sometimes people seek treatment because they are in violation of the law. Some people seek treatment after their parents have disciplined them by school authorities. Many are fired because of their drug or drinking problems, then realize they are in trouble. Whatever the situation, the most important thing is that they are going to rehab.

6. Drugs Have Consumed Their Life

Rehab is for people who have a drug addiction that has taken over every aspect of their lives. They are unable to sleep because they are intoxicated. They are unable to eat. They are unable to perform at school and work. They think only about drugs, getting high, or spending their time on those things. They’re likely sleep-deprived if you don’t see them getting stoned or drunk.

Addiction can be a debilitating, chronic, and relapsing brain condition. If your loved one is unable to quit or has expressed a desire to quit, you should look for a drug thailand rehab centre.