Rum is a versatile spirit. Rum can be mixed with other spirits to make cocktails and sip them. There are many varieties of Rum available. Each has its flavor and aging method.

We will be looking at a wide range of rums in this article. There are many choices when it comes down to the variety of rum available. You can choose which one you like best for your drinks and drinking. Let’s take a look at some of these most common types.

What Exactly Is Rum?

Rum is a type of distilled liquor made from sugarcane juice and molasses. The alcohol is then fermented and barreled.

Oak barrels give the rum a distinctive flavor that can be appreciated by many consumers. You can find rum from many countries, such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Barbados.

Rum’s History

Rum is the oldest known commercially produced liquor. Barbados documents first recorded the famous liquor in 1650.

In the Caribbean, slave plantation laborers were the first to discover the benefits of rum. They made liquor from fermented molasses, similar to French brandy and whiskey.

This distillate wasn’t recognized until it was exported to other countries. This powerful drink, previously known as rumbullion and kill-devil in other parts of the world, was originally used as payment for guards during the 17th century.

Rums Of Various Types

All rums can be made from sugarcane or molasses but that doesn’t mean that they taste the same. There are many varieties of best kinds of rum. Each has its unique flavor and features. You can see some of them below.

White Rum

White rum also known as clear rum and silver rum is light rum. This name derives from its lackluster color. White rum usually matures for less than a year before being marketed. The color of white rum is usually removed by charcoal filtering after it is matured.

Dark Rum

Due to its longer fermentation time, dark rum tastes stronger than light. For a richer color and stronger flavor, dark rums are often aged in charred oak barrels for a longer time. This rum is also known by the name black rum. It’s great in rum and soda, ginger beer, and dark ‘n stormy drinks. This versatile spirit can also be used to make rum punch for celebrations.

Gold Rum

Medium-bodied Rum, also known as golden rum, pale rum, and amber rum, Amber rum has darker colors than light rum. This is because it is kept in hardwood barrels for longer periods.

Sometimes, golden rums have a smoother taste than white or black rum. They are sweeter than light rums. There are undertones of vanilla and molasses as well as chocolate, banana, and butterscotch.

Navy Rum

Navy Rum (or navy strength) is rum that derives its name from the rum rations provided to sailors on Royal Navy ships in 1850-1870. The United States Navy also maintained a Rum ration up until 1862.

Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole is a French Caribbean spirit that is made with sugar cane juice, rather than molasses. It can also be found in Australia, Thailand, and Mauritius, as well as the Pacific Ocean’s Hawaiian Islands. Rhum agricole has a stronger, earthier taste than molasses rum. It gives it more character.

Overproof Rum

ABV (alcohol-by-volume) higher than 50% means that you are using overproof alcohol. To add some kick, overproof rums can be used in mixed drinks. Overproof Rum is usually consumed with ice due to its high alcohol concentration.

Premium Aged Rums

Premium rum may be aged in oak barrels for several years, which gives it a stronger flavor. Mature rum, which is produced over a longer period, can be slightly more expensive than other varieties.

Single Vintage Rums

These rums, which are unique in their own right, are only available from specific production years. Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum 2005 is one example of such a single-vintage spirit.

Spiced Rum

Spiced rum is rich in color and has a spicy taste. The base alcohol is infused with rum and spices like vanilla and caramel. Sometimes, botanicals are added to the alcohol base with fruits like oranges.